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We want you to have everything in the world to smile about - unabashed, confident, and beautiful.
At Dr Parker Dental, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

Helping Your Family Stay Healthy!

Dr. Parker has over 25 years of dental experience he will always give you the best treatment. Each patient is an individual with different needs. You cannot compare the dental treatment plan you may get from Dr. Parker with one your next door neighbor got from their dentist. Every situation is different.

If you have any questions after meeting with Dr. Parker and after receiving your dental treatment plan in the mail, feel free to call our office and ask questions.

You have made a good choice for your dental care. Dr. Parker is a 1987 graduate of the University of Maryland
Dental School (Baltimore College of Dental Surgery).  He practiced for many years in the Baltimore area before coming to Hanover in July of 2001. His practice in Hanover utilizes all of the modern standards of care 
for  sterilization and infection control techniques to keep his patients and his staff safe. 


While all of our materials and techniques are “modern”, our comfortable office has the feel of a slower time. A time when patients went to an office to see “their” doctor or dentist who was the owner and sole practitioner
in the office. A time when the staff knew the patients and lived in the community.

**Deductibles And Co-pays**


Patients are often not aware that they have a “deductible” to pay with their dental insurance just like their
medical insurance. Most insurances will “hold out” the deductible when that patient has a filling, crown or partial denture. However, some insurances will “hold out” the deductible for preventative services such as an exam and x-rays. All
of the information regarding the employees dental insurance should be contained within the packet given to the employee by the employer or available in the employee’s human resources office.


Once a “pre-authorization” is received from an insurance and treatment is scheduled, patients are responsible
to pay their co-payment at each visit. This is the reason for doing a “pre-authorization.” The next appointment for a patient will not be scheduled until the co-payment for the current treatment is paid.


   Dental Claim Submission


We send in the dental claims for our patients for those insurances that we are a provider for and also for those
that will pay us even though we are not a provider. Patients are responsible for paying all co-pays at the time of each appointment and the balance will then be received from the dental insurance. Sometimes, a group has terminated
with the dental insurance and moved on to another insurance. It is up to the patient to stay current with the information regarding their dental coverage and report any changes to Dr. Parker’s office before their appointment. If
there is no insurance coverage in place at the time of the appointment, the patient is responsible for the full payment. We will do what we can to discover what insurance the patient currently has and resubmit claims to the correct
company.  If it turns out that there is no current insurance coverage, payment will be due in full form the patient.


 Payment of Balances


We send out a billing statement to our patients as soon as we receive either payment from the dental insurance or a denial of payment from the dental insurance.  If we receive a denial and our office suspects an error, we will contact
the insurance to have the claim reviewed. Once a patient receives a billing statement, the patient is responsible for payment of the balance within 30 days. If a payment of a balance goes beyond that, another statement will be
mailed and the patient will receive a phone call from our office. If we do not receive payment from the patient within 10 days of the second statement, the balance will be turned over to a collection agency for collection. **This will add 40% to the patient’s balance. Once this occurs, no future appointments will be made here for the patient or a family member.


No appointments for family members will be honored until any current family member balance is paid. 


Many dental insurance plans have specific time guidelines for care such as sealants and fluoride for children, x-rays and the replacement of fillings. If a patient has declined care such as a crown and breaks a tooth or filling which has had previous treatment, be aware that the dental insurance may not cover the replacement.


Also, some insurances include a “missing tooth clause” which can affect payment for the replacement of missing teeth if
they were missing when the patient became active with the dental insurance. Some plans include a one year waiting period for specific types of dental care during which there is no coverage available even if other services are covered.


All of the above information should be given to the employee by the employer when they sign up for the dental coverage. 


Scheduling And Appointments


We are open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 5:00. When we schedule an appointment for a patient or a family
member, we expect the patient to record their appointment so that they will show at the correct time on the correct day. We will give a patient an appointment card for their next appointment and expect that a patient will call if they find that they will not be able to make that appointment. We ask for a 24 hour notice for a cancellation. If a patient fails to show for an appointment, there is no charge the first time. However, if there is another failed appointment or another family member has a failed appointment, a fee of $40.00 will be added to the patient’s account balance. This fee will not be
paid by the insurance. This fee would need to be paid before another appointment for the patient or a family member is made. Also, if a patient cancels an appointment the same day more than once, a fee will be added to their balance
the second time as the appointment would be very difficult to fill with another patient on the same day.


Please Remember…


We strive to keep our office neat and clean to share a comfortable space with our patients and their families. Along those lines we have some requests of our patients and their children when they are in our office. We ask that parents not deposit diapers in our trash baskets but take the used diaper with them when they leave. We ask that children not put their feet on the furniture or the walls and to please keep their heads and hands off of the walls. We also no not allow food or drink in our waiting room or treatment rooms. If young children are coming with a parent, they must have someone to supervise them if they are not able to be independent during the parent’s visit. Cell phones are nice to have in an emergency, but we ask that patients not take calls in our treatment rooms.


We appreciate your confidence in our office and Dr. Parker and welcome new patient referrals.